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We are Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC - and our affiliates, Finests.com and LJCraig.com. We are an educational and testing company founded in 1985 BY police officers, FOR police officers! We've been successful Law Enforcement educators, test writers, assessors, résumé writers and employment and promotion testing consultants and career counselors and coaches for 30+ years.

We are a police promotion testing company for police agencies around the U.S., providing written exams, oral board and assessment center services to help those agencies choose the best candidates for promotion.

As an educational tool, we provide these professionally written promotional exams from all the major law enforcement textbooks to professionals like YOU - police officers, deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel to practice with to improve their scores in their law enforcement agency promotional exams.

Our attorney writes Legal Exams from National and State law enforcement legal textbooks and state legal guidelines. Our affiliates provide oral board and assessment center counseling and coaching services to entry level and promotion candidates.

We are current or former Law Enforcement Supervisors and Commanders with many years of Police Pre-employment and Promotional Testing, Assessment, Personnel, Interviewing, Training, Supervisory and Management Experience.

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Lt. Paul Patti (ret) Director, Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC

Paul PattiLt. Paul Patti (ret), is a 27+ year law enforcement veteran, police command officer, published author, "Hardass" interviewer, and the author of HUNDREDS of Police Promotional Exams. Paul has written over forty-thousand validated police promotional test questions from over two-hundred police textbooks and editions.

His law enforcement experience includes being third-in-command of the Lake Worth, FL Police Department, a 145 person police agency, 16+ years as a department commander, 5 years in charge of hiring and interviewing, and 17+ years as a permanent member of the department's Oral Interview Panel where he was the "Hardass" member that interviewed OVER 500 applicants for law enforcement positions.

His training and education include a B.A. in Criminal Justice, a graduate of the Southern Police Institute and many other certifications, and thousands of hours of law enforcement training.

His experience also includes Personnel Commander, Police Firearms and Academy Instructor, Training Supervisor, Patrol Commander, SWAT Commander, Criminal Investigations Commander, Acting Chief of Police, Acting Deputy Chief of Police, and many other department assignments.

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Police Corporal Sergeant Promotion Exams 

Paul Patti, III Esq. Author of our Legal Exams and the Case Law ProTM Legal Training Course

Paul Patti, III, Esq., attained his Juris Doctorate from Florida A&M University College of Law, graduating cum laude. Paul interned with the United States Attorney’s Office in Orlando, Florida and was involved in law enforcement investigations, interrogation, and trial assistance.

He is now an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida*, an accomplished criminal appeals lawyer
representing the state in the First and Fourth District Courts of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

He has worked on appeals running the gamut of constitutional law enforcement procedure: warrantless searches and seizures, warrant requirements, warrant execution, consent, Terry stops and frisks, identifications, Miranda warnings, Miranda waivers, and more.

Paul recognizes law enforcement professionals need to exceed standards in their career for the increasingly complex duties of modern policing. Paul has written thousands of legal exam questions to prepare law enforcement professionals for growing legal knowledge demands.

Paul also created the Case Law ProTM legal study system for law enforcement. Case Law Pro bridges-the-gap between U.S. Supreme Court opinions and law enforcement professionals by training and testing officers in the same situations of hotly contested legal areas addressed by America’s highest court.

*Any work by Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC is NOT endorsed by, or made in association with, the State of Florida, the Florida Attorney General’s Office or its Legal Affairs Department.

Asst. Chief Bill Reilly (ret)
Oral Boards Made Easy™
Police Chief Coach™

Bill ReillyOur affilliate, Finests.com is led by Bill Reilly, who retired from the Hartford (CT) Police Department as an Assistant Chief of Police, climbing through the ranks by being promoted in the #1 position on each of his promotional lists (Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief) after testing against as many as 200 competitors.

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Bill is certified as both a professional coach and as a law enforcement instructor, having taught thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the country.

His law enforcement leadership experience includes assignments as chief of staff, police academy commander, patrol district commander and bomb squad commander.

Additionally, Bill graduated from the FBI National Academy & holds a Master's degree in Organizational Communication.

Bill's Affiliations:
- FBI National Academy Associates (FBI NAA)
- International Association of Chiefs of Police
- Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
- International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)

For more information on how Bill can help you ‘Lead, Influence, and Achieve’, visit Finests.com or give him a call at 860-647-7993.

Let Bill know if you are a PoliceCareer.com client in order to qualify for an enhanced coaching package.

Dr. Linsey Willis, L.J. Craig and Associates

Dr. Linsey WillisDr. Linsey Willis, LJ Craig and Associates, is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on assessment centers and structured interviews. She has worked in the field designing and implementing assessment center processes for over 30 years.

If you are facing an in-basket, leaderless group or ANY assessment center testing, you can receive personal coaching and counseling from one of the nation’s leading authorities and coaches.

Dr. Willis’ resume and other information about her impressive credentials can be found HERE.

She is is available for private, personal phone, online or in-person coaching and counseling.

Dr. Willis graduated with honors with a Doctorate in Public Administration from the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business & Entrepreneurship of Nova Southeastern University.

She holds an M.A. degree in Forensic Studies from Indiana University, and also graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University with an M.P.A. degree.

Dr. Willis also serves as an expert witness for attorneys in the employment law and personal industry disciplines. She has worked on cases for the public and private sectors throughout the United States.

For more information, call Dr. Willis at 561-750-8669, or review her police promotion coaching packages HERE.

Let Dr. Willis know if you are a PoliceCareer.com client in order to qualify for an enhanced assessment coaching package.

Help from one of the nation’s leading experts in the field is just a click and a phone call away!



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We insist on total security and privacy, and have earned the Trusted Site certification. Your email and all your personal information stays private.

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