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police oral board interview secrets pdfYour Police Entry Level Super Course consists of the following ebooks, exams and bonus material. ALL proven to help YOU GET HIRED in law enforcement, way ahead of your competition. Also available separately is individualized coaching, teaching you everything you need to prepare for your police pre-employment oral boards!

Brought to by retired Assistant Chief of Police Bill Reilly, and retired Lieutenant Paul Patti, who have nearly 50 years of combined police experience, including many years of experience writing police exams, assessments and oral board processes. They have both been directly involved in creating, supervising and managing their department's entry level applicant processing. Read the expert qualifications of Lt. Patti and Asst. Chief Reilly and you will see how they can help your chances to be hired in law enforcement!

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 police officer interview questions and answers workbook"Confessions of a Hardass" - an insider's advice on passing your law enforcement pre-employment interview.

by Lt. Paul Patti (ret) - 27 year command officer and published author. BONUS! The separate Workbook is now INCLUDED!

Here is the book that only a 27 year veteran "insider" - command officer and "hardass" interviewer could write!

I've conducted over 500 pre-employment police interviews - now you can receive the revised and expanded 4th Edition of my copyrighted ebook - Confessions of a "Hardass" - An insider's advice on passing your law enforcement interview- designed to reveal what law enforcement managers are looking for in today's police applicant.

This police book is filled with solid background information specifically designed to help you pass your law enforcement pre-employment oral board, panel interview, B-PAD or Law Enforcement Assessment Center.

Here are just 8 examples of what you can expect to learn:

  1. How to best prepare for your police entry-level oral interview.

  2. How to learn from EVERY interview - and become better with each one.

  3. Learn the specific technique to score as high as possible by just your 1st or 2nd police interview.

  4. Learn exactly what the interviewers are trying to accomplish - this will help you understand their methods and questions and score higher!

  5. The best introductions and closings - and how to make the board members remember you above all the other candidates being interviewed.

  6. Dealing with scenario, stress, no-win and ethical dilemma questions.
    How to tell the truth about bad situations in your background - in the least damaging way.

  7. Answers to the 10 questions most often asked by law enforcement applicants about their pre-employment interview. Get a jump on your competition!
    10 sample scenario - ethical dilemma - no-win and stress questions with suggested answers!

  8. 15 sample background and personal information questions with suggestions for practicing and improving your responses.

police employment testsCompanion WORKBOOK and SCORE SHEETS to Confessions of a Hardass - an insider's advice on passing your law enforcement pre-employment interview:

Confessions of a HardassThe perfect partner to "Confessions of a Hardass"

Confessions of a HardassAfter you've mastered the concept of scoring the highest you possibly can on your oral board - PRACTICE your techniques with:

Confessions of a HardassComplete listing with definitions of the Character Traits most often being tested and probed during police oral interview panels. You need to understand what concepts you are being rated on!

Confessions of a Hardass50 additional samples of difficult scenario, stress, background, no win and ethical dilemma questions and suggested answering guidelines.

Confessions of a HardassScore sheets for a family member or trusted friend to fill out and review with you!

Confessions of a HardassSpecific suggestions to IMPROVE those areas you may be weak in.

You Will Learn:

Confessions of a HardassThe 6 Personal Characteristics being measured by stress, ethical dilemma and no-win questions - LEARN WHAT THE POLICE INTERVIEW BOARD IS LOOKING FOR!

Confessions of a HardassThe 7 Answer Characteristics that will LOSE POINTS on stress, ethical dilemma and no-win questions - Know What To Plan For - Know What To Avoid!

Confessions of a HardassHow to tell the truth about bad situations in your background - in the least damaging way.


By Lt. Paul Patti (retired) - Creator of the highly acclaimed and very successful Marketing Résumé Style - over ONE THOUSAND successful résumés written for law enforcement officers and other business professionals! this book includes;

Confessions of a HardassThe 10 deadly errors that will send your cover letter and police résumé right to the garbage can.

Confessions of a HardassThe 10 specific qualities that your law enforcement résumé MUST HAVE to GET YOU NOTICED, GET YOU THE INTERVIEW and most important - HELP YOU PASS THE INTERVIEW!


Confessions of a HardassIncludes 6 ACTUAL JOB-WINNING SAMPLE Marketing Style Résumés and Cover Letters for you to build your own winning police résumé package. Includes law enforcement entry-level, promotional, lateral-entry and Chief of Police résumé samples.

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You will take our ELPATA Entry Level Police Applicant Assessment Exam

Available only here, you'll take our exclusive, copyrighted, ELPATA - the Entry Level Police Applicant Testing Assessment - and you'll Learn 130 of the Most Difficult Questions You Will Face in your Police Written Test, POST (National Police Officer Selection Test) B-PAD, Polygraph, Oral, Psychological and Background Portions of Your Pre-Employment Police Testing - and How You Are Expected to Answer!


Don't Become the Victim of a "Bad" Police Hiring Decision! You'll find out exactly what law enforcement agencies want to know about you, BEFORE they decide to hire (or NOT HIRE) you as a law enforcement officer!


"The Kiss of Death" - Police psychologists, polygraph operators, interviewers, background investigators and the B-PAD will attempt to place you in one of 8 rejection categories below. HOW YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS could cause you to be placed in one or more of these categories - AND COST YOU THAT POLICE JOB! The ELPATA is updated regularly and is specifically designed to give you the information needed so YOU WILL NOT be placed into one or more of these REJECTION categories:

1. "Thrill Seeker"
2. "Risk for Discipline"
3. "Risk for Dissatisfaction"
4. "Not Career Oriented"
5. "Invalid Job Perceptions"
6. "Not Public - People Oriented"
7. "Risk for Deception"
8. "Risk for Job Failure"

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Your POST exam modules will prepare you for your written entry exams:

police oral board bookPractice for your POST (Police Officer Standardized Test) and your other written exams with these testing modules included along with the ELPATA in your Police Pre-Employment Testing Course;


1. Law Enforcement Word Usage and Reading Comprehension - this computerized police test has 100+ of the most difficult law enforcement words, phrases and concepts and their correct spellings and uses. Excellent practice for the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) and other local and state written exams.

2. Police Policy, Law and General Knowledge - this computerized police test has 100 difficult questions that prepare you to answer rapidly and intelligently about all aspects of modern law enforcement policies, laws and general knowledge. Speak to personnel officers and oral boards like you have a degree in Criminal Justice!

3. Law Enforcement Map Reading and Directional Orientation - this computerized police test has 50 difficult questions to prepare you for any police map reading exam included in the National POST or any local or state police exams - includes maps to study and refer to as you answer the questions and receive your certificate of completion!

4. Law Enforcement Feature Recognition and Critical Memory Skills - this is one of our toughest computerized police tests - but it thoroughly prepares you for police memory exams you will encounter on the local, state or national police entrance exams. Study 50 photos of people and situations common to law enforcement and then answer 100 questions - take the exam as often as you like.

5. Law Enforcement Math and Numerical Problem Solving Skills - this police test has 50 of the most difficult law enforcement math questions and problems you are likely to face! Practice over and over again for this very difficult segment of the National POST or many local and state police exams.


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FREE and Bonus Items! Links to download all this police entry level testing and study material will be sent to you after you enroll.

FREE eBOOK - "Deadly Mistakes Police Applicants Make" - Learn to recognize and avoid the mistakes that can KILL your police employment chances!


police officer interview questionsTeaches YOU how to avoid the most common errors made over and over again by UNSUCCESSFUL police applicants.


NOW with an expanded section on Passing Your Police Pre-Employment Polygraph Exam - INCLUDING the 16 "relevant" or "standard" polygraph questions asked of ALL law enforcement pre-employment applicants! Also a separate PDF with all 50+ possible questions that can be asked on the standard Police Pre-Employment Polygraph!

Information on how the police employment polygraph works, what examiners are looking for, "false positives," polygraph countermeasures, how to successfully challenge false polygraph results and other issues concerning this very important police test!

This FREE eBOOK covers all the points in the pre-employment testing where police applicants make these deadly errors - including planning and preparation, the police employment application, polygraph, psychological, police interview and background exams - and how they fail to achieve their police employment goals.

Most of all - how YOU can avoid making these deadly mistakes!

NOW INCLUDING A SPECIAL SECTION - Preparing for the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) given by police departments around the nation!

You will learn the 8 Critical Skill Areas recommended for study if you are taking the POST along with other important information and hard-hitting, practical suggestions and resources on how to SCORE YOUR BEST!

FREE - Take the POAJS Exam - FIND OUT NOW if you will be REJECTED!

Take the "Police Officer Authority, Judgment and Suitability" assessment and score yourself and see the results TODAY - without delay.

This short and self-scoring police assessment exam comes with its own scoring procedures and directions for you to score it yourself.

The POAJS exam quickly rates your decision making ability, your aptitude for following and enforcing laws, rules and authority and your overall suitability for law enforcement - testing how well you come across to other persons - coworkers and citizens.

This police exam will give you a private, honest look at your suitability for law enforcement work and will guide you to make changes to your approach if necessary in order to improve your scores and make yourself a better police recruitment candidate!

Practice ACING YOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTERVIEW using your car CD or your iPod / MP3 player!

police jobsYou will download A FULL HOUR of CD or MP3 Audio files containing 75 of the toughest Scenario, Stress, Background, No-Win and Ethical Dilemma police interview questions you are likely to face in your police Oral Interview or B-PAD!

You can burn a CD or load up your iPod or MP3 player and listen to the questions one at a time, pause the player and PRACTICE GIVING YOUR RESPONSES - ANYTIME - ANYWHERE! FREE with your Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Testing Course.


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