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We feature our highly acclaimed Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course where you can take ANY of our real promotion exams for titles you are studying. We carry 80+ exams from all the best promotional and legal textbooks in use today, new and older editions. You will study your textbooks and prepare for your promotion using our system: The 10 Steps to Written Exam Mastery!

YouTube Video Police Promotional TestingWatch this quick 2-minute YouTube Video from Asst. Chief Bill Reilly (ret) explaining the advantages of our Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course.

We also offer our highly-successful Entry-Level Course if you are trying to get started in law enforcement!

We are Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC. Since 1985, we as active or retired Law Enforcement Officers, Supervisors and Commanders have been providing services to law enforcement agencies and to individual officers and applicants, finding and preparing the BEST candidates for police entry and promotion positions.

Flash Card Sets and Advanced Online and Desktop Exams can be purchased separately and each have up to 500+ questions from the textbook, depending on the title and edition. 

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You can enroll now in our Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course, and/or purchase separately our promotional or legal Flash Card Sets and Advanced Online or Desktop Exams.

If you are trying to enter law enforcement, you will want our Entry-Level Course.
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Learn About the Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course

The newest editions of the best police promotional textbooks in use today are chosen for our Advanced Desktop and Online Exams. Older editions are still available. You will be able to take any of the exams for any textbook you are studying and review the results instantly. Your FREE and BONUS items include an Interview and In-Basket Assessment, an EXCLUSIVE 20+ minute video "The Top Ten Oral Board Mistakes" - PLUS free eBooks, audio files and other benefits.

Learn About the Police Legal Exam Course

The Attorney-written Police Legal Exam Course is now integrated into your Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course.

National Police Legal titles covered include the latest editions of; the Law Officer's Pocket Manual, Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement, Civil Liability in Criminal Justice and Legal Guide for Police: Constitutional Issues.

Current state legal guideline textbooks we cover are Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas
, with more on the way!

You can also purchase separately if you like the Legal Flash Card and Legal Advanced Desktop and Online Exam Sets for your police legal textbooks.

Learn About the Flash Cards, Desktop and Online Exams for Your Textbooks

Flash Card Sets and Advanced Desktop and Online  Exams each come with up to 500+ questions from each textbook and can be ordered separately from PolicePromotion.net

Do Your Exams Use Older Edition Textbooks?
Exams from many OLDER EDITION textbooks are still available in our Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course and also as Flash Card Sets and Advanced Desktop and Online Exams - check by title, author and edition HERE. You can order the Flash Card and Desktop Exam and Online Exam Sets separately, or along with your enrollment in the Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course.

Learn About the Police Entry-Level Course

The Entry-Level Course is only 29.95!

Proceed to this link for a full description of the exams and books included in the course, and follow the directions to purchase the Entry-Level Course using PayPal or any major credit card;

Police Entry-Level Course

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We are Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC. We are a company founded in 1985 BY police officers, FOR police officers!


We insist on total security and privacy. Look for the lock in the address bar. We have earned the McAfee SECURE certification. Here is our Privacy Policy.

We provide professionally written promotional exams from all the major law enforcement textbooks to police officers, deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement and criminal justice personnel to practice with to improve their scores.

Our attorney writes Legal Exams from National and State law enforcement legal textbooks and state legal guidelines.

Our Promotional Testing Company for Police Agency Testing (PolicePromotion.com) writes police textbook exams, legal exams from national and state titles as well as coordinates oral board and assessment center testing for small and medium-size law enforcement agencies. Read our Privacy Policy and learn more about us at the links below.

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Oral Board and Assessment Center Coaching
Oral Board Coaching - Asst. Chief Bill Reilly (ret) the nation's leading police promotional Oral Board coach - features Oral Boards Made Easy (tm) as well as the Police Chief Coach (tm) - visit Finests.com

Assessment Center Coaching - Dr. Linsey Willis - is the leading national expert on Law Enforcement Promotional Assessment Centers - LJCraig.com

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What your fellow officers have to say:

Since 1985 thousands of police officers around the nation have been promoted using our exams and assessments to prepare. Read what they have to say. You can also read more testimonials here.

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  • "I took the Philadelphia PD Sergeant exam, and with the help of your tests and flash cards I was able to come out #1 on my promotional exam out of 2,000 applicants.

    I would recommend you guys to everyone. Thank you so much!"

    -- Philadelphia PA Officer - quoted with permission
  • "After reading and studying the books required by my department, I began taking your tests. I ended up finishing second with a score of 97.

    I was recently promoted and can happily say that without your tests, I would not be wearing my stripes today. Thank you PoliceCareer.com!

    -- Sergeant Paul E. Kostick, Florida - quoted with permission
  • "Dear PoliceCareer.com -

    You have helped me get promoted to Lieutenant!

    My score was the highest on the written test and I finished #1 overall! Your book selection and tests were right on!"

    -- Lt. Shane Wimer, CA - quoted with permission
  • "I ordered your promotional package and took the advice you gave me. Last year I was promoted to Corporal and then yesterday to Sergeant. I scored number 1 on both promotions. In fact after my Sergeant's interview the panel members later told me I was the best candidate they had ever interviewed for this position.

    I would never have been promoted if I had not found your program. "

    -- Sgt. PEB, CA -quoted with permission
  • "Our department just completed our Sergeant's testing for this year.

    Thanks to your program I finished #1 after the written examination and #2 overall out of 19 applicants.

    Just wanted to say "Thank You!" very much. Your program is an invaluable resource."

    -- Michael Cobb, CA -quoted with permission
  • "I just received the results from the Lieutenant's Exam. I am #2 on the list out of over 400 people who took the test.

    Your tests were a tremendous help... I have recommended your site to several of my colleagues."

    -- Sgt. Marques Newsom, PA -quoted with permission
  • "I just wanted to thank you for this website and let you know it helped me so much. I was promoted!

    I just found the website to be fantastic. I read so much and studied very hard. The tests you had really helped me. My promotion was to Sergeant!"

    -- J.D. - New Sergeant in Utah - quoted with permission.
  • "My department was running two testing processes at the same time, Sergeant and Detective. I finished #1 in both promotional processes. I had my choice of promotion!

    Thanks again, your product was certainly a benefit to my promotion."

    -- JZ - newly promoted Detective in Wisconsin - quoted with permission.
  • "I have to hand it to your website, I recently took my promotional tests and by following your suggestions on reading, studying, reviewing, and utilizing the material on your website. ("10 Steps To Written Exam Mastery") I not only was well prepared but I also placed #1 on both written tests out of nearly 100 applicants on each test.

    I highly recommend your website (just not to those people who are competing against me)!

    -- W.L. – North Carolina - quoted with permission.
  • "I ordered your promotional exam study material in October. Thanks to the services and material your company provided I placed first on the exam and was promoted to Sergeant this past week. Thank you for your commitment to the law enforcement community. Be blessed.

    -- T.G. – Wisconsin - quoted with permission.

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