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12 Professional Oral Board Preparation Videos - courtesy of Finests.com - you will be able to watch these all at once;

Video 1: Video oral board questions, in the pause and answer format. Practice your answers in oral board questions on these topics:
Ethical behavior; Leadership styles; Effectiveness; Preparing for your new rank; Workload task strategy; Community policing's influence on your leadership style; Planning a special project; Handling a subordinate showing a decline in performance; Your approach in violations of general orders; Handling subordinates who are constantly critical of each other; Your planned response to a call of an officer-involved shooting.

Video 2: "Tell us about yourself." You know you're going to get this question right after you sit down in front of the panel. Here is a video demonstrating how to NAIL your answer!

Video 3: Practice your responses to Situational / Critical Incident questions. This professional video details what your oral board responses should be as a supervisor or commander on the way to a critical incident: What should you do? Who do you contact? In what order? What should you especially be looking for? Things at the scene you need to consider are resources needed, travel routes, staging areas; Assessing injuries and mitigating dangerous situations; Containing and protecting the scene; Commencing the investigation and assigning responsibilities; Follow up activities including professional report writing and de-briefings and after-action reports.

Video 4: Getting started in your oral board presentation. The power of proper goal setting.

Video 5: There is no way around it; Promotional Oral Boards are stressful. For some people, they even cause harmful, physical reactions. Remember - no pain, no gain. But if you are anxious, nervous or experiencing severe anxiety, this video has the 3-point formula to ensure you can reduce your anxiety and develop your leader readiness.

Video 6: If you're like most candidates facing a promotional oral board, you've been agonizing over what to wear for the interview. Forget the questionable suggestions from comrades, family or friends - hear it directly from the expert on how to decide what is acceptable attire - and what is not.

Video 7: Is your promotion oral board message CLEAR and believeable? Is your presentation well-aligned and laser-focused on your goal? Are you missing a powerful tool to influence the raters? Here are a few concrete suggestions on how to improve every aspect of your plan to get that top score.

Video 8: Why are you nervous about appearing in front of the promotion oral board? One reason is that you're not sure what questions you will be asked, so you're finding it difficult to prepare. This video gives you concrete, expert tips on predicting the topics that will be asked at your oral board so you can be prepared and confident in the outcome.

Video 9: Promotion oral board raters are human, and they often make mistakes in their ratings. They also receive training on how NOT to make those errors. This video shows you the 3 rating errors that you can positively influence in order to make sure that you achieve a top score.

Video 10: Promotional oral board preparation is NOT just about the words. It's about the IMPACT of the TOTALITY of your presentation. You want to dominate the 3 most impactful areas at your oral board. Watch this video to find out what those 3 areas are. Most important - how to best present your "oral resume" to the interview panel.

Video 11: The Top Ten Oral Board Mistakes - and what to do instead!

What is the KEY to a natural, confident and complete oral board presentation?
What is the BEST TIME to schedule your interview - and which time slot should you AVOID?
What is the BEST WAY to respond to a question when you simply do not know the answer?
What are the BEST WORDS to use at the end of your introduction?
What is the BEST WAY to structure your summary statement?
What is the BEST WAY to END an answer during the questioning phase?
What is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST WAY to end your oral board interview?
And .... what you should do instead!

Video 12: Oral Boards Made Easy(tm) Video Module 5 - "Answering Interview Questions."



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