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Here is a summary of what we offer police promotion candidates:

police promotion ranksWe have online written exams, flash cards and oral board and in-basket assessments and bonus material online to help you prepare for your
promotion to;

Deputy Chief
Assistant Chief and
Chief of Police!

You can now take any of these promotional exams and assessments for your ENTIRE LAW ENFORCEMENT CAREER - all for one LOW PRICE!


How you can get started taking our online police promotion exams;

Right after you enroll you will receive information on how to log in online and take any of our actual promotional exams from 40+ of the best police promotional textbooks.

So you will be sure to learn the material, these will be difficult, professionally written 100 question exams from our promotional testing company - www.PolicePromotion.com.

We will score and email you a copy of the exam with your answers and the correct responses, and a reference to where in the textbook the material appears.

PRINT and STUDY and take the exam as many times as needed so you can score at the TOP of your promotion list!

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titles for police promotion textbook examsHere is a quick list of the online 100 question police promotion exams included in your testing course.

See if we have exams from your assigned textbooks

Supervision of Police Personnel
Supervising Police Personnel
Effective Police Supervision
Police Field Operations
The Law Officer's Pocket Manual
Leadership, Ethics and Policing
Managing Police Organizations
Managing Police Operations
Common Sense Police Supervision
Criminal Investigation - Hess
Criminal Investigation - Swanson
Proactive Police Management
Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement
Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel
Police Patrol Operations and Management
Intelligence-Led Policing
Police Ethics - The Corruption of Noble Cause
Police Ethics - A Matter of Character
Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing
Multicultural Law Enforcement - Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society
The Police Manager
Problem Oriented Policing
Police Administration (multiple editions and authors)
Police Administration - a Leadership Approach
Police Administration; Structures, Processes and Behavior
Police Management (multiple editions and authors)
Police Leadership
Effective Police Leadership
Organizational Behavior and Management in Law Enforcement
Police Supervision and Management in an Era of Community Policing
Police-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice
Community Policing a Contemporary Perspective
Community Policing and Problem Solving - Strategies and Practices
Community Policing: Partnerships for Problem Solving

On the right hand column are summaries of each of the online police textbook exams, including authors and editions. If you are looking for longer exams, or an exam from an older edition, they are available separately as Flash Card sets from www.PolicePromotion.net - or you can add Flash Card Sets at up to a 35% Discount when you enroll in your Career Online Testing Course!

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Here is what You Will Receive in Your Promotional Testing Course:

You will log in to our Police Promotional Testing Center and take online:

• ANY of our 40+ Police Promotional Textbook Exams. We are an actual promotional testing company (see www.PolicePromotion.com), and have actual 100 question promotional exams online from all leading supervision, management, leadership, administration, ethics, criminal investigation and community policing textbooks.

So you will master the material, you can take and re-take these online exams and all the assessments below for your entire career! Each time you complete and submit an online exam you'll receive a complete review of your answers and the correct responses - with a reference to where in the textbook the material appears.

You will ALSO take these assessment center exams:

The LEPTAD 100+ Question Oral Board Structured Interview Assessment, including detailed analysis of your responses, along with our in-basket assessment.

In-Basket Assessment - a timed, 90 minute, difficult, 12+ item promotional in-basket which will identify your problem analysis, organizational ability, decisiveness, initiative, judgment and your other supervisory and management knowledge and skills.

You will ALSO receive - FREE - these best-selling books and bonus items ready for immediate download:

Our best-selling Assessment Center book, The Naked Truth About Assessment Centers in Police Promotional Testing - Insider secrets on what these tests are all about and how you can best prepare for them.

AND our best-selling book Police (Combat) Résumé Writing Techniques and Sample Promotional and Police Chief Résumés.

YOU WILL ALSO practice your interview responses in your home or car, because also included as a BONUS is a FULL HOUR of Audio Interview Files containing 50 of the Toughest Law Enforcement Scenario, Stress, Background, No-Win and Ethical Dilemma interview questions you are likely to face in your Promotional Interview or Assessment Center!

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promotion testing course satisfaction guaranteeAll this for one low enrollment fee, AND you receive our exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee...

Enrollment is a one-time charge of only 49.95 for continuous online testing in our Police Promotional Testing Center throughout your career.

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You can ENROLL NOW ... or read more details about the LEPTAD, the 40+ Promotional Textbooks Exams, the In-Basket Assessment exercise or the FREE books and LEPTAD MP3/CD audio files. Click or scroll down for further details, then click on the ENROLL NOW button anywhere on the page when you're ready!


Don't be Satisfied with Just PASSING Your Exams and Assessments! MASTER THE MATERIAL and SCORE YOUR HIGHEST Using Our Professionally Written Police Promotional Exams, the LEPTAD and our In-Basket!

We are an actual police promotional testing and assessment company (see www.PolicePromotion.com), and we have an online police promotional testing and study system all set up and ready for you - with thousands of real promotional test questions from all the best police supervision, management, leadership, administration, investigative and community policing textbooks in use today!

If you are studying for promotion, you can take these police promotional textbook exams ... now and in the future .... for your entire police career ... all for one low price of 49.95!

Our professional police promotional test writers have posted textbook exams containing 100 highly challenging test questions from EACH of the best and most widely used textbooks covering promotion to police Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, and up through to Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief or even Chief of Police! (Or - the equivalent in Sheriff's Office ranks!) If you are looking for longer exams, or an exam from an older edition, they are available separately as Flash Card sets from www.PolicePromotion.net - or you can add Flash Card Sets at up to a 35% Discount when you enroll in your Career Online Testing Course!

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Take the online promotion exams for your textbooks, then LEARN YOUR WEAK AREAS and FOCUS YOUR STUDY!

Each time you take one of our actual promotional exams, you'll receive the exam in your email report showing your score and a complete review of your answers and the correct responses along with a reference to where in the textbook the material appears!

You can PRINT all the questions and answers and page references to study from, AND then take the tests over and over again until YOU HAVE COMPLETELY MASTERED THE MATERIAL!

Our police promotion test web site keeps full test reports for you online and will even chart your progress as your score climbs higher and higher each time you take a promotional exam!

After MASTERING our written tests, our police promotional clients typically score in the mid to upper 90's on their police department textbook exams - SHOOTING THEM UP TO THE TOP OF THE PROMOTIONAL LIST!

Are you testing, interviewing and being assessed for a supervisory or management position? Besides just improving written test scores, MASTERING the material in these police promotional written exams is also a great way to boost your test scores in in-basket, structured interviews, role-play and other assessment exercises. Assessors and panel members will be very impressed by your command of all the major law enforcement concepts across a wide spectrum of professional topics!

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BONUS - You will take our exclusive LEPTAD- the Law Enforcement Promotional Testing Assessment Device.

The LEPTAD is our exclusive Law Enforcement Promotional Testing Assessment Device for you to evaluate your answers on oral boards and other assessments. It is copyrighted and available from us and no other source. We have used it thousands of times to assist police promotional candidates in passing their structured, oral and panel interviews.

With the LEPTAD Oral Board and Interview Assessment, you will learn OVER 100 examples of the most difficult questions you will face in your promotional Structured, Panel or Oral Interviews and Assessments - and how you are expected to answer!

You will find out EXACTLY what law enforcement managers and police assessment centers want to KNOW ABOUT YOU BEFORE THEY DECIDE TO PROMOTE (or NOT PROMOTE) YOU!

Click Here to sign up for our newsletter. You will be able to take a condensed version of the LEPTAD Oral Board assessment - AND - a real 50-question promotion exam online, right now!

If you score below 70 on the LEPTAD it is considered "not promotable," 70 - 79 is "marginal," 80 - 89 is "promotable" and 90 and above is "highly promotable." How will YOU do?

ALSO online for you to take is a complete 50-question exam from one of our major textbooks - see how our testing system works!

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What exactly does the LEPTAD Oral Board Assessment do for my promotional chances? 

ALL professional law enforcement agencies utilize structured oral board interviews and new police assessment center systems in addition to police textbook exams and other written police tests. They also use aspects of psychological police exams worked into the assessment system in order to decide to promote you or not promote you, or to promote other candidates before they promote you.


Identify those WRONG ANSWERS and WEAK AREAS! What your LEPTAD Oral Board Assessment and Analysis will do is give you this confidential information FIRST in easy to understand format BEFORE you give the information to the police assessment center or promotional interview panel! We will identify your promotional testing motivation, strategies, strengths and weaknesses and offer you specific, solid suggestions for significantly changing items about your promotional strategy that will help you win the law enforcement supervisory position you desire!

 What kind of questions are on the LEPTAD Oral Board Assessment? 

The LEPTAD contains OVER 100 closely-guarded opinion, scenario and judgment questions in the following 8 categories:
• Dedication to the Law Enforcement Agency and Profession
• Desire for Responsibility and Leadership
• Law Enforcement Ethics and Accountability
• Supervisory Judgment Under Stress
• Ability to Accept Responsibility for the Actions of Self and Subordinates
• Knowledge of Current Professional Trends and Topics
• Responsibility to Society and Community
• "Defense" of Subordinates and the Department Management.

These questions are the result of many, many years of police promotional testing experience, looking for the "best" law enforcement supervisors!

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PLUS - When You Order the Online Law Enforcement Promotional Testing Course - YOU RECEIVE ALL THIS BONUS MATERIAL - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

police in-basket assessment online

Take an ACTUAL Police Promotional IN-BASKET Exercise - from a Promotional Assessment Center - right now - online!

We have a professionally prepared, 90-minute actual in-basket exercise for you to practice with as often as you like.

Think in-basket assessments are EASY? They're NOT, and you'll see why.

You don't just read a few phone messages and emails and jot down a few notes. An in-basket exam contains pages and pages of background material and takes a great deal of concentration and organizational ability, and the ability to work quickly under pressure. You must study pages of material such as background narrative, complicated work scenarios, schedules, calendars and organizational charts, and you must take accurate and detailed notes. Then you are presented with a detailed scenario along with 10 to 20 in-basket items, all the while a clock is ticking down the time. Here are some of the dimensions you are graded on in an in-basket assessment center exercise;

> Comprehension ability
> Written communication ability
> Planning and organization
> Problem analysis
> Ability to take risks
> Judgment
> Decisiveness
> Delegation
> Initiative

At the conclusion of the in-basket you are interviewed by the assessors, your notes are reviewed and discussed with you, and you are judged on how quickly and thoroughly you analyze the material and scenarios, how quickly and accurately you complete the items in the exam, how accurate and complete your written notes are, and how professionally you assess each item and delegate or handle the material.

Do you know that 1/3 - 1/2 of police promotional candidates FAIL their first in-basket assessment because they walk in, unprepared, thinking it will be EASY? They are then shocked and surprised at what they find. Don't be one of these candidates. PREPARE NOW.


PLUS - Your FREE and BONUS ITEMS Included with the Promotional Testing Course;

You will also immediately download our Best-Selling Police Promotional Assessment Center book AND our Resume Best-Seller with Sample Resumes AND the Interview Question Audio Files!

The Naked Truth About Assessment Centers in Police Promotional Testing - Insider secrets on what these tests are all about and how you can best prepare for them.

Police Combat Résumé Writing Techniques - The Best-Selling book on how to write a top quality business style résumé that will draw attention and get you hired or promoted, with sample résumés for entry level, promotion and Chief of Police.

police promotion interview audio practice filesPractice ACING YOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT PROMOTIONAL INTERVIEW using your car CD or your iPod / MP3 player! FREE when you purchase the LEPTAD and the Law Enforcement Promotional Testing Course - you can download A FULL HOUR of CD or MP3 Audio files containing 50 of the toughest law enforcement Scenario, Stress, Background, No-Win and Ethical Dilemma interview questions you are likely to face in your Promotional Interview or Assessment Center! You can burn a CD or load up your iPod or MP3 player and listen to the questions one at a time, pause your player and PRACTICE GIVING YOUR RESPONSES - ANYTIME - ANYWHERE!

satisfaction guarantee for police promotion coursePoliceCareer.com's EXCLUSIVE "Better than Risk Free" 100% Money Back Satisfaction GUARANTEE!

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Since we have offered this GUARANTEE (1997) - The number of clients who have passed our exams, and then FAILED their department exams = 0.

How can we give you such a guarantee? Simple! We know our books and tests WORK! We've been in business since 1985 and have had THOUSANDS of SATISFIED CLIENTS! We offer you updated, quality books and exams that have PROVEN to help get you PROMOTED in law enforcement Way Ahead of Your Less-Prepared Competition!


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